Triathlon Wetsuit Guide




For Wetsuits please visit our partner Tri N Swim Well. 


Event hire costs £25 .  This hire charge is all donated to Havens Hopsices . Tri N Swim Well will have a stand at the event where you can collect and return the wetsuit.  Wetsuits must be reserved in advance by phone 07919 205 498 or by email

Buying online without trying on can sometimes be a very costly mistake. Always ask a professional for advice.

You can buy, hire for a single event or season hire . If you are purchasing, it is essential to try it on in the water before you purchase to make sure you have the correct fit and levels of buoyancy . We can arrange this for you at our pool in Rochford or at TriFarm lake in Chelmsford.

Season hire is great if you are new to open water swimming and  unsure if you will get enough use out of it. If you are happy with it at the end of the season, you keep it, if you aren’t you can return it and get back 50% of the price paid.

If you are purchasing outright , we can sometimes offer flexible payment terms .

All wetsuit prices to buy and season hire are on our website

Children’s wetsuits are also available

Event hire costs £25 .  This hire charge is all donated to Havens Hopsices . We will have a stand at the event, where you can collect and return the wetsuit.  Wetsuits must be reserved in advance by phone 07919205498 or by e mail


Can be a real advantage to many swimmers , but if there is too much buoyancy it can also give you a back ache and it will be virtually impossible to swim breastroke with added buoyancy in the legs. We can advise you which is the best buoyancy for you.


You get what you pay for !  In general the more you pay the more flexible the wetsuit, which increases your level of comfort. So when making a purchase think about how long you will be wearing your suit in each open water session .


All wetsuits provide you with warmth and the layer of water between your skin and the wetsuit will warm up quickly once you get moving.  If you particularly suffer with the cold early or late in the season then you may need to invest in a neoprene swim cap and socks and gloves but check with race organisers that you can wear them in an event.


There should be no need to buy a custom made suit . There are a wide variety of sizes available to fit everyone. Don’t buy a unisex suit as men and women are shaped differently!


Please see the video (insert link here) showing not only how to put the suit on correctly but also how to make small adjustments to really help with comfort during your swim . Ensure that the seal around your neck is good or the suit will fill up with water .


There are different types of zips available . Make sure you are familiar with your zip and how it works before your event.  A breakaway zipper offers the quickest exit for triathlon.