Important Information


Dear athlete,

Many thanks for signing up to Southend Triathlon 2018. We hope you have a fantastic race and we are proud to be donating thousands of pounds to local charity Havens Hospices off the back of this event. Please read the below important race information so that you and others can have an enjoyable event.

You will not be allowed to race without producing a signed waiver form. There will be spare waiver forms avaible. 

In your pack is your race number. Visit the wave information to confirm start times for your wave.

Car Parking

There will be plenty of free parking available near the race venue on the day, however due to the road closure for the race, some parking areas will become inaccessible once the road is closed.

There will be parking available in Uncle Tom’s Car Park on the south side of the seafront and Thorpe Esplanade Car Park on the north side of the seafront. Both of these car parks will provide ample parking which will be completely free of charge, however once the seafront road is closed at 1pm you will not be able to leave the car park until the road reopens.

**If you need to leave the race venue before the road re-opens at 6pm, please do not park in either of these car parks.**

If you do need to park somewhere that is accessible all day, you can park in Shoebury Common North car park which is adjacent to the Harvester restaurant and is accessible via Waterford Road which will remain open for the duration of the day.

Race Information

Make sure your chip on your ankle is not covered by your wetsuit as this will prevent it from working properly. You will be starting the swim in the water. Upon hearing the start klaxon, you will begin your open water swim. There are safety and medical officers in the water in canoes should you get into trouble.

If you need to get the attention of a safety officer while in the water, lie on your back and raise one arm into the air. The medical team will then come to your assistance. If you see another swimmer in distress, alert the medical team in the water as soon as possible.

The swim is an out and back route. You will swim parallel to the shoreline, turn around at the buoy, and then swim back by the shoreline.

When you exit the water, you MUST either enter transition or alert a marshal if you do not wish to continue. If you leave the course without notifying a marshal we will search the water for you. We do not want to waste the time of the emergency services.

Marshals will guide you back to the transition area. You must not handle your bike without your helmet on. This is a British Triathlon rule and failure to comply will result in disqualification. Put your helmet on as soon as you get into transition and don’t take it off until you are ready to leave for the run. Just remember: first on, last off.

You must not mount your bike until you have passed the bike mount line, which will be marshalled. You must dismount your bike before the bike dismount line. Think of the transition area as a ‘no cycling zone’.

The bike course is 6 laps of the seafront road which is closed to traffic. Your turnaround point is a roundabout. Take care at the turnaround point and do not take the corner too fast. Your other turnaround point is coned. Again, please take this turn carefully. There will be marshals along the route to help you if you get into difficulty.

You must count your own laps.

Drafting is NOT allowed on this route. The minimum distance between you and the rider in front of you must be a minimum of 10m.

The run will take you into the Garrison area via New Barge Pier Road. Marshals will be present along the route so that you do not get lost.

You will run along the path and follow it around the lake. There will be marshals along the route to make sure you go the right way. You will do 3 laps of the lake. You will need to count your own laps.

Upon leaving the garrison area, you will turn towards the seafront where the finish gantry will be waiting for you.

Make sure you smile for the cameras, we are pleased to be offering free race photos for every competitor so do make the most of this!

Most importantly of all, have fun and enjoy!

British Triathlon Rules

During the cycle stage, race numbers must be visible from the back; during the run stage, race numbers must be visible from the front. Race numbers do not need to be worn during the swim segment. Take care not to fold or damage your number.

Certain items are banned during the race – this includes MP3 players, mobile phones and personal video recording devices. Leave these outside transition.

Helmets must be clipped before the bike is touched, and remain done up until the bike is racked after the cycle stage.

Competitors must keep their distance from the cyclist in front of them, so as not to gain an advantage.

Competitors should only bring into transition what is needed – a small bag can remain but large, bulky boxes are to be taken out of transition whilst the race is live.

Triathlon Sticker Guide


British Triathlon Rules

The Rules

Please make sure you are familiar with the British Triathlon rules. For a quick guide to the main rules, please click the image below. Breaking any of their rules may result in a time penalty.