2018 Non Road Bikes


Southend Triathlon is proud to be a fully inclusive event open to people of all abilities. As with the 2017 event, we had lots of competitors who were not riding roads bikes but still did a fantastic job and enjoyed a great race. It just goes to show that you don’t have to have all the expensive gear and equipment to be a triathlete.

The fastest bike time on a non-road bike was Iain Webb who completed the bike course in 38 minutes and 55 seconds. Iain wins 20% off a new road bike from Cycles UK as well as a free bike fit and tune up for his old bike.

Race NumberNameOverall PositionBike Time
122Iain Webb2090:38:55
293James Sinton2250:41:35
79Josh Gillard600:42:29
324Joe Stevens1970:43:03
78Holly Gillard1130:43:30
609Giuseppe Genovese310:43:41
500Alistair Seddon240:44:24
330Nick Trim2400:44:27
435Matt Wiseman1830:44:50
307Ross Burns1800:45:25
362Thea Cox2210:46:17
545Leanne Forder600:47:24