2017 Sundried Triathlon Photos


Photos from the first Sundried Southend Triathlon

Thanks to all the photographers who have taken some amazing photos. Please like / tag your photos on Facebook and share with Southend Triathlon's Facebook Page

Pre race, swim start and exit - Photos By Jon Wagstaff

Run Finish - Photos By Jon Wagstaff

Run Finish Set 2 - Photos By Jon Wagstaff

Run Finish Set Behind the Scenes and Swim Exit - Photos By Jon Wagstaff

Cycle Set 01 - Take on the corner in Barling

Cycle Set 02 - Taken on the straight in Barling

Photos by That Camera Man - Photos in transition and pre-race, on the beach, from a motorcycle on the ride and on the run. 

Drone Photos from the swim - Photos with thanks to Russell Parker

Run Finish towards the end - Photos by Jess Tonking from Sundried